The Bankruptcy of Sickness

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Uncharted Territory

We are in uncharted territory. We have been through the Covid pandemic which involved lockdowns and severe restrictions of both economic activity and mobility. Following the removal of the lockdowns and restrictions on mobility pent-up demand surged and much of industry was ill-placed to be able to adequately respond to this sudden increase in demand. Shortages of materials and necessary supplies led to problems with being able to meet the challenge of getting businesses moving again. Shortages of many products led to price rises and the introduction of inflationary pressures not seen since the previous economic crisis.

Following the invasion of Ukraine by Russia and the disruption of gas and oil supplies to Europe energy price rises added to the inflationary pressures facing the global population. The response of the Federal Reserve and most Central Banks to the inflationary pressures has been to raise interest rates.

Unprecedented Times

The response to the Covid pandemic by the authorities was unprecedented. When in previous years concerns were raised regarding a vaccine, such as in Spain, in February 2009, when Spain’s Health Ministry ordered hospitals and chemists to temporarily halt the use of a batch of cervical cancer vaccine Gardasil, produced by drugmaker Merck & Co MRK.N, after two girls became ill after a shot. In Britain in 2002 vaccines were recalled when it was found “testing that revealed a small number of batches did not meet the end-of-shelf-life specification,” No one died. As far as we know there were not even any injuries. The biotechnology firm PowderJect Pharmaceuticals said it was voluntarily recalling its BCG tuberculosis vaccine in Britain as a precautionary measure [my emphasis] after its licence for the vaccine in Ireland was suspended after tests.

If you just look at the US data that is produced, in particular the Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System (VAERS), the figures for adverse events are now numbering over 2 million and the deaths attributed to the vaccines are in excess of 30,000. Whilst we understand that association does not prove causation, we also know that there is a massive under-reporting associated with the VAERS system. Some serious epidemiologists suggest that these figures may only represent one percent of the true figure for mortality due to the vaccines. However you arrive at a realistic figure, one thing is certain is that the deaths due to the vaccination campaign are very significant and vastly more than any right-minded person could have expected. These are truly unprecedented times.

As regards to adverse events, the same epidemiologists believe the under-reporting of these adverse events is most likely the same, suggesting the official figures are representing around 1 percent of actual adverse events. Whatever the true figure is, we still have a massive problem. To give some idea of the problem I will report the testimony of Lieutenant Colonel Dr Theresa Long who had access to the US military’s DMED database and became seriously concerned by what she found. She reported her concerns to the military people whom she was able to contact but was ignored. She felt compelled to act and she became a whistleblower. She gave testimony to a Senate hearing with Senator Johnson. Here is what she reported:

‘In my 15 years as a doctor taking care of soldiers, I have never seen this litany of debilitating and potentially deadly conditions in soldiers. These conditions included strokes, transient Ischemic attacks, Pericarditis & myocarditis, Erratic Heart Rates, Arrhythmias, Rapid onset cancer, particularly testicular cancer, oesophageal cancer, brain tumours, neuroendocrine tumours, spinal tumours, thyroid dysfunction, Multiple Sclerosis, cognitive impairment, persistent severe insomnia, suppression of the immune system, unprovoked blood clots, Avascular Necrosis, liver dysfunction, menstrual irregularities, and miscarriages.’

This is a significant list of conditions. According to a lawyer Tom Rens, who was representing her and an associate, Lieutenant Colonel Dr Pete Chambers, a United States Army Flight Surgeon, some of the conditions increase in prevalence very substantially.

‘We have substantial data showing that we saw for example that miscarriages increased by 300% over the five-year average, almost. We saw an almost 300% increase in cancer over the five-year average. Cancer is not being talked about…neurological issues that would affect our pilots, over a thousand per cent increase, a thousand!

The testimonies and much more can be seen in the film Died Suddenly

In previous articles I have discussed the way essential treatment for Covid was virtually non-existent, at least, as far as official guidelines were concerned. I reported on a number of doctors who were developing effective treatments that saved people from hospitalisation and consequently prevented unnecessary deaths. They were all exasperated by the way the whole Covid pandemic was orchestrated, and in their view caused unnecessary deaths and needless suffering. They all universally complained about the massive censorship and the way they were prevented from effectively dealing with the pandemic.

It is now accepted that the virus was created by human design in the Wuhan Institute of Virology under the auspices of “extension of function research” and either escaped or was released from there. The way the pandemic has been orchestrated and the way society has been treated since has given rise to much conjecture as to whether it was released on purpose or not.

Profitable Sickness

Whatever the reality, the economic consequences have been dire and is likely to have an impact on our respective societies for generations to come. I have previously written about the pharmaceutical industry’s increasingly pathologically dangerous nature in my writings (see Unhealthy Betrayal or How to Survive in The 21st Century).

Most of the pharmaceutical industry is now run by marketing people who are not even medically qualified. Their main focus is simply profit-driven, caring only for their bottom line. Illness is simply viewed as a source of revenue, particularly chronic long-term illness. It was predictable that giving the industry legal indemnity against prosecution for the creation of vaccines would lead to an expansion of growth in this area. It became the most profitable arm of their business model, they had little in the way of advertising costs, the governments of most countries and their respective national health organisations guaranteed sales and there was a vast number of sales to be had.

Sales of vaccines in the USA have been tremendous. By the time a child in the USA is two years old, they will have had 30 vaccine shots.

Covid vaccines have proved very profitable. Pfizer has reported a 92% operational growth in revenue to $81.3bn for the full year 2021, compared with $41.7bn for the full year 2020.

It has been predicted that Pfizer’s revenue could reach more than  $100 billion in 2022, with major contributions coming from the company’s BioNTech-partnered COVID vaccine and an antiviral therapeutic that has shown stellar clinical data.

Moderna, for its part, has said it could earn more than $11 billion from its COVID-19 vaccine. The company only markets one product right now, but could reach the top 20 rankings in 2021 based on the success of that shot alone.

This article is intended as one of a series of articles that examines some of the economic consequences of such liberal policies towards corporate interests and shows how we are creating a society that becoming sicker. Aside from having the increased burden of having to deal with a sicker society that produces conditions like Autism at an alarming rate, diabetes, heart disease, cancer etc, we are now looking at the consequences of treating people that are damaged to differing degrees by novel products used as vaccines that nobody really understands and we have no real way of knowing to what extent or even how the problems with these products will be expressed. The only thing that can be said for sure is that eventually, the chickens will come home to roost and we will have to face the consequences.

As yet, it seems we still are unable to acknowledge what has really occurred. There is a war of words going on that is being waged by the pharmaceutical industry and their minions supported by governments that are well-funded by them and their lobbyists. I believe, however, that the truth will come out and will hopefully generate some real and positive change in our world.

There are those who believe that this entire Covid Pandemic was really a diversion from what has been occurring to our economy. We intend to explore this topic further.



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